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Empowering Health & Healthy Eaton

Then let us, with our proven approach that has helped so many, help you too!


Your reasons for wanting to be healthy are important. We will patiently and compassionately listen to your goals and obstacles in an unrushed, non-judgmental space. Then together, we will help create a custom plan of manageable action steps for a happier, healthier you. On this journey, we will be there to offer valuable information along with guidance, encouragement and accountability to help you stay on track and create lasting healthy habits.  


For your convenience, our coaching is available in-person or via phone/online. We offer programs and classes for individuals, groups, businesses and non-profits.

Low energy levels

Trouble sleeping

Continual headaches

Stress management

Mood swings


We help people who have had issues with: 

  • Yo-yo weight loss/gain

  • Emotional eating

  • Food cravings

  • Digestive discomfort

  • Lose that extra 15 lbs

3 and 6 Month Programs 


Perfect for any individual (or couple) who is “sick and tired” of being sick and tired. Must be committed to making some changes and wanting a healthy lifestyle.


Although we are all human, each and everyone’s body processes and solves issues differently. This is a program like no other because you are like no other.


We REALLY listen to you. Assess your lifestyle, personal history, blood type, current supplements as well as your current symptoms and obsticles.


Then we prioritize your individualized goals.



We create a custom plan of action with your specific goals in mind—one that you can easily follow.

Sometimes additional services are helpful, such as:

  • Two, 45-minute coaching sessions per month.

  • Unlimited email/text support between sessions

  • Variety of resource materials based on your goals (articles, recipes, samples, etc.)

Additional resources

Perfect for those who have completed a 3-or 6-month program and want to keep making additional small changes toward a healthier lifestyle and just have a few questions along the way. Also great for those who know what they need to do,  but just need a little motivation and accountability. These sessions are shorter in length, and can take place as often as needed.



Personalized recom-mendations and “next steps” to guide you towards achieving you goals and making your healthy practices a habit.

  • 20-minute sessions, any frequency

During our introductory session, we will discuss your health concerns, what you’d like to see change in your future, and what has you feeling “stuck.” We also will assess your needs and share with you how we can help you to reach your goals.


Looking forward to chatting with you!

We’ve got more health oriented services and resources to help you achieve your goals easily and quickly. Check these out:


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It's all about YOU!

Food and their weight  (like but not limited to):


Food Sensitivity Testing

Clean-Eating Cleanses

Specialty Workshops

Essential Oil Education

Grocery Shopping Tour

Pantry Makeover

In-home Cooking Demo

Food Prep Session

  • Variety of resource materials based on your goals (handouts, resources, recipes, etc.)

  • Break free from belly bloat and food cravings

  • Be empowered with education and practical tips to control your own health

  • Manage stress and anxiety safely

  • Balance your hormones

  • Look and feel better than you ever have before

If You're Looking for Help to:

Perfect if you have a group of friends, neighbors, or co-workers all working toward similar health goals.

Group Programs

Check-in Sessions

Participants get the benefit of working with a Certified Health Coach, the support of a small group, the accountability of regular meetings (in-person or via phone/Internet) and private Facebook group to to share the experience between meetings and enjoy extra tips and information.

Topics are completely dictated by the needs of the group, but most include tips on how to lose the diet mentality and get lasting results. Our (very happy) clients find that once they discover how to make some tweaks to what they are putting in, and on, their bodies...they lose weight, increase their energy, enjoy better sleep and even look better!