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We all know that clean (toxin-free) food, especially vegetables provide a lot of healthy nutrients that we need. But did you know that pure, potent essential oils are also an excellent source of nutrients?


Essential oils (the really good ones) not only help cleanse and detox your cells, they also provide nutrients that can be easily assimilated so your body can run more efficiently.

Some of properties that healthy plants contain are: antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal,

anti-inflammatory, and many more.


Additionally, because essential oils can cross the blood-brain barrier (that's huge), they can be especially helpful for stress, memory, emotional and learning challenges.


Needless to say, they are VERY handy to have around when issues arise or you are just wanting to live a safer, natural lifestyle and take conrol of your health.

Essential Oils are NOT Medicine - They Work With Your Body!

Essential oils may be all the rage these days, but are certainly nothing new. They go back thousands of years and were referenced through history and including being mentioned hundres of times in the Bible. Remember the story of Frankincense and Myrrh being brought as valuable gifts to baby Jesus?

Safe, time-tested, economical, Mother Nature made!

What I love about Essential Oils the most is their versatility. They are able to help with such a wide range of emotionally and physical challenges and can be used safely* for babies,

pregnant women, elderly people and even pets! But you must know how to use them safely! * That's where I come in to help you.


They can help strengthen your overall immune system and support your body so it can protect you from seasonal respiratory issues, digestive tract issues, hormonal concerns, weight management, difficulty sleeping, low energy, bug bites, an about a million more amazing things.

Other methods can simply mask symptoms, be pricey and cause unwanted side effects and… they don’t even do anything to address the real problem. Pure therapeutic essential oil ingredients are found in nature, and can be used to quickly to improve emotional and physical wellbeing, clean your surroundings to prevent further toxin ingestion from household cleaners and personal care products. And they are less expensive, and a lot safer!

We have witnessed the tremendous effects of our high-grade essential oils for ourselves, our family and in our coaching practice. Since I (Jennifer) have been using that passion to educate others about the benefits of using these oils so much, I have happily earned the title  “The Essential Oil Lady.”

There's an Essential Oil for THAT!

Our bodies are amazing. They can keep us feeling great and heal most anything if we provide the nutrients they need, and protect them from toxins and things that interfere with them doing their thing.


The good news is that it doesn't take much, and most involve just a little education, some common sense and a commitment to do what it takes to get and stay well. Curious? Come to one of my FREE classes.

Essential Oils are a Wellness Staple!

It's our believe, and experience, that whenever you make your body do something it doesn't want to do, there is usally a price to pay. Either sooner (like pain right away from over-exertion) or later (like damage to your cells and organs).

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They are also incredibly beneficial for beauty and anti-aging and if you ask me nicely... I'll share some of my secrets with you!

To learn lots more go to our sister site,

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