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Empowering Health & Healthy Eaton

In addition to our in-person and virtual coaching programs we offer additional services which will make it easier and faster for you to start looking and feeling better.


From personal chef services to gentle online cleanse/detox programs, from guided grocery store tours to food sensitivity testing...


And, if you get energized and motivated by others, we also offer group challenges and a private Facebook group where you can enjoy the comraderie and support of others.

15-Day Guided 'Clean Eating' Cleanse (Online)

Curb your cravings

Reduce inflammation

Have more energy

Lose a few pounds

Better handle your stress

Sleep deeper

We provide easy to follow, step-by-step guides that spell out exactly what to do.  No confusion, no trendy diets and no more guessing which foods are “healthy” and which are not.


You will not be hungry or have to count calories or track points, and with our daily meal ideas and shopping list, you won’t need to scramble at the last minute or stress about what you should eat. As a bonus, we also include two 20-minute Health Coaching sessions. One before an done after to make sure you get the full benefit.

Surprisingly, more than 80% of the population has food sensitivities, and the majority of them don’t know it. Hidden food sensitivities can cause a number of varied symptoms, including difficulty gaining or losing weight, low energy, headaches, hormonal imbalance, brain fog, inflammation, joint pain, and digestive troubles. We work with ALCAT to provide this valuable testing for our clients to help them understand why they may be experiencing some “unexplained” issues and how they may be able to very easily get rid of them.

Toxins are in our food, skincare products, shower water, inside and outside air and everywhere. Often they cause undesirable symptoms, make us gain weight (especially belly fat) and weaken our immune systems. But there’s good news… by replacing certain foods with others, and adding a few simple detoxing techniques (even just for 2 weeks), you can release a good number of them from your cells, which will help you:

Ever wish you could just bring someone to the store with you,

who knew all about healthy food and could explain what to

look for on the labels and which brands taste best and are most economical? If so, you will love our guided tours!

We guide individuals, couples, families, and small groups through the aisles of a local supermarket to relieve their stress by showing them how to:

Perfect for competitive families, gyms, yoga studios, small offices, church and sports groups, apartment complexes, neighborhood communities, and more. The contests can be an individual or a  team effort and always include prizes for different accomplishments and participation goals.

  • Easily navigate and identifying healthy items in each aisle    

  • Choose healthier versions of foods they are already buying    

  • Read food labels, and identify hidden dangers    

  • Plan ahead so it’s easy to make good snacks/meals      

  • Understand popular food terms (non-GMO, organic, all-natural)

  • Save time and money!

No pills, no shakes, no specific foods you have to buy

Boost your metabolism

Alleviate gas and bloating

Have better skin

Prevent disease

And more

Food Sensitivity Testing

Healthy Grocery Shopping Tour

Pressed for time?

Tired of eating out?

Sick of wasting food that you buy but then don’t cook?

Let Samantha help you solve your meal-time challenges!


She will make your life easier, save you time and allow you to enjoy delicious, healthy meals…despite busy schedules and/or special dietary needs.


Samantha specializes in preparing tasty, healthy, customized meals for families, busy professionals, new moms, and those with special dietary needs in the

Personal Chef Services

When you change your environment to match your goals, you are more likely to reach your goals. Even though you may feel your home is a perfect sanctuary, there are hidden dangers in your fridge, pantry and under the sink.


We want to help you clear out all the “junk,” even things you may currently think are healthy (and not doing you any harm). We will look at what’s in your fridge, pantry and your cleaning supplies. We will help identify harmful foods, ingredients and environmental toxins and provide a list of better options.


Whether you don’t know where to start or just want confirmation that what you’re doing is right…we can help.

In-home Healthy Makeovers

We offer fun and interactive workshops on a variety of topics that help people see how their food, medicine and lifestyle choices impact their lifelong health and wellness.


Healthy Eating and Living

Environmental toxicity

Hidden Sources and Dangers of Sugar

Stress Management

Emotional Eating

Eating Healthy Away From Home

Health Food Swaps

And More...

Classes and Workshops

Topics include:

Specialty topics:

Essential Oils: Nature’s Medicine Cabinet

Parkinson’s Disease

Hidden Sources of Sugar

Eating Healthy Away From Home

Healthy Food Swaps

Eliminate chemicals in your home

Natural health & beauty alternatives


Charlotte area. Her meals are made with the freshest ingredients (largely local and organic) with no preservatives or additives.


As a Certified Health Coach, she understand how eating real, whole foods is the best way to prevent, treat, and even reverse illness. By eating the right food, you can also improve your quality of life and reach your health goals—from losing weight to reducing inflammation to increasing your energy to improving digestive problems.


Too much to learn?   Not enough time?   Hate to cook?  Hire Samantha!

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Additional Services to Help You Look and Feel Great!