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Empowering Health & Healthy Eaton

From custom workshops to guided cleanses, from nutrition challenges to food sensitivity testing...we have developed a series of services all dedicated to helping the wellness of your best assets...your employees.

Curb your cravings

Reduce inflammation

Have more energy

Lose a few pounds

Better handle your stress

Sleep deeper

We provide easy to follow, step-by-step guides that spell out exactly what to do.  No confusion, no trendy diets and no more guessing which foods are “healthy” and which are not.


You will not be hungry or have to count calories or track points, and with our daily meal ideas and shopping list, you won’t need to scramble at the last minute or stress about what you should eat. As a bonus, we also include a 30-minute Health Coaching session

Surprisingly, more than 80% of the population has food sensitivities, and the majority of them don’t know it. Hidden food sensitivities can cause a number of varied symptoms, including difficulty gaining or losing weight, low energy, headaches, hormonal imbal- ance, brain fog, inflammation, joint pain, and digestive troubles. We work with ALCAT to provide this valuable testing for our clients to help them understand why they may be experiencing some “unexplained” issues and how they may be able to very easily get rid of them.

Toxins are in our food, skincare products, shower water, inside and outside air and everywhere. Often they cause undesirable symptoms, make us gain weight (especially belly fat) and weaken our immune systems. But there’s good news… by replacing certain foods with others, and adding a few simple detoxing techniques (even just for 2 weeks), you can release a good number of them from your cells, which will help you

We offer fun and interactive workshops on a variety of topics that help people see how their food, medicine and lifestyle choices impact their lifelong health and wellness.


Healthy Eating and Living

Environmental toxicity

Hidden Sources and Dangers of Sugar

Stress Management

Emotional Eating

Eating Healthy Away From Home

Health Food Swaps

Perfect for gyms, yoga/pilates studios, boot camps, small offices or departments, apartment complex, neighborhood communities, and more. A great way to show that you really care about your people’s health and want to help them achieve their goals in a fun, informal, non-judgmental way.

The contest can be an individual or a  team effort, which helps create a loyal, supportive community

And More...

No pills, no shakes, no specific foods you have to buy

Nutritional Challenge Programs:

Boost your metabolism

Alleviate gas and bloating

Have better skin

Prevent disease

And more

Food Sensitivity Testing

Workshops and Classes

Topics include:

Specialty topics:

Essential Oils: Nature’s Medicine

Parkinson’s Disease

Hidden Sources of Sugar

Eating Healthy Away From Home

Healthy Food Swaps

Eliminate chemicals in your home

Natural health & beauty alternatives

We Have Several Ways to Help Your Company achieve its Goals

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